Flagship Programmes


This program is designed to provide timely and accurate information to young people. It stores, processes, and retrieves information for dissemination at regular intervals, on demand or selectively according to beneficiaries’ needs.


The programme is designed to assist the youth to discover their life purpose and to offer the necessary skills that will help them unleash their potential and talents to live a balanced life and to be meaningful contributors in the development of Thokoza and surrounding townships and beyond.

  • Financial literacy
  • Awareness campaigns


This programme is designed to address the challenges of social development and eradication of poverty through promotion and offering skills development trainings for employability and sustainable livelihoods. These programs entail the following:

  • Progressive Personal Development Programme
  • ICT Training Programme
  • Virtual Driving Training Programme
  • Artisan Skills Training Programme


This programme is aimed at youth who are running their own businesses who want to grow and strengthen their business. The course will expose young business owners to ways on how to turn their businesses around, how to grow their market share, how to use ICT to grow businesses, how to deal with employees and how to manage their finances.

Thokoza Progressive Youth is a registered NPO in terms of the NPO Act of 1997 (Number 71 of 1997)