To be a number one leader and facilitator for progressive youth development and a partner of choice for our stakeholders in developing sustainable and reliable human capital.


Thokoza Progressive Youth (TPY) is a youth development organisation that empowers youth from underprivileged socio-economic backgrounds through initiating sustainable projects that holistically assist in skills development, education and training, poverty alleviation and enterprise development. It strives to achieve this in partnership with strategic stakeholders.


  • Accountability¬≠
  • Voluntary acknowledge and take responsibility for any action or decision made
  • Teamwork
  • Thokoza Progressive Youth’s team members strive to work constructively as a team for the purpose of achieving the goals of the organization.
  • Leadership
  • Strives to be exemplary at all times in whatever he/she does in order to inspire others and enhance the status of the organization.
  • Customer Service
  • Will be the first to identify the needs of the customer and work towards delighting the customer.
Thokoza Progressive Youth is a registered NPO in terms of the NPO Act of 1997 (Number 71 of 1997)